The “Tongfang” name originates from the Chinese Confucian classic “The Book of Rites,” which contains the phrase “Ru You He Zhi Tong Fang.” The word “Fang” translates to morality and justice, and holds a profound meaning to Tongfang Global.


The original Tongfang building, which stands as the oldest structure on Tsinghua University campus, was used to hold memorial ceremonies dedicated to Confucius. It is regarded as “a place for those who hold the same ambition and strive to achieve a common goal.” 

TongFang Co., LTD, the parent company of Tongfang Global, Ltd., is a progressive, international company focusing on the development and manufacturing of different areas of TongFang Global such as, Consumer Electronics, Information Appliances, Multimedia Terminals and Educational Electronics. Continual investment has resulted in substantial growth with the help of the large-scale production line, highly innovative R&D and a Sales and Service network across the globe. In recent years the research and investment in Flat Panel TV has made the company a powerful presence in the world’s TV Industry.


About Research & Development

TongFang Global takes technology and innovation as the core of its enterprise. It created a fully equipped R&D team for digital TV products, introduced an international, advanced R&D technology system and full testing equipment. By ultilising the R&D facilities and working jointly with some key partners, Tong Fang has successfully developed a high-definition all-in-one digital TV
 solution, UHD TV, Miracast TV, ultra-slim LCD TV, internet “smart” TV, energy-saving TV, super large-screen LCD TV and many other TV products with various specifications and technical levels.


About Manufacturing

Significant manufacturing capability is one of key elements that give Tongfang the ability to successfully compete in today’s market. By venture capitalization, Tongfang successively established international manufacturing base, including the manufactures in U.S., Poland, Malaysia and Shenyang, China, which is the largest TV manufacturing facility in Northern China. The large-scale facility manufactures flat-panel TV, digital TV and LED backlight LCD module.  Tongfang is capable of mass producing screen sizes from 19”~80” with an annual production capacity of 10 million units. Tongfang is the first Chinese manufacturer that has established a domestic LED backlight LCD module production line, with an annual production capacity of 6 million pieces.


About Market

TongFang Global possesses wide-covered, well-established sales and service networks. It has set up 27 sales branches and offices, 1500 shops and more than 1000 service centres across the China. Overseas business mainly focuses on OEM and ODM business, and significant success has been seen in the world’s TV markets in recent years with brands such as Element, Seiki, ORION, Westinghouse and Mitashi. Exportation of TV’s covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world like US, England, Germany, Australia, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Tongfang TV products and services are recognized and well evaluated widely in all works of life, successively honored with
“The 10 Best HDTVs in 2013” “Breakthrough Product Award for 2013”  Outstanding enterprise in promoting China’s flat-panel industry for 2009”, “Self-Innovated Product”, “China Audio/Video product technology innovation award”, “Best Network Multimedia TV for 2009”, “Outstanding contribution award for LED TV”, etc.

About Brand Strategy

TongFang Global brands are led by a multi-regional marketing strategy that meets the needs of the diverse markets and cultures it serves. 

SEIKI represents a new way of thinking in consumer electronics. SEIKI offers a straight-forward, reliable entertainment experience – affordably priced and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive customer support.

Seiki supports environmentally sustainable practices during the design, manufacture, packaging and delivery of all Seiki products without compromising the overall value. And SEIKI is moving on – SEIKI’s  new LED TV's do not have the levels of lead, mercury and other volatile compounds found in most CRT and LCD TV's. By being the first to launch the affordably UHD TV in U.S. market, SEIKI has successfully accelerated the typical time required to be in the conversation with tier-one brands and is now recognized as the leader in the UHD TV market.


Link: www.seiki.com

Element was established in 2007 entered into a strategic partnership with Tongfang Global since 2010. So far, there’re millions of products sold including TVs, DVDs, Digital Cameras and Accessories across the U.S market. Element has strengths in merchandising, marketing, brand, customer management and dynamic industry relationships.

Equally important at Element is the delivery of products with superior quality and outstanding reliability, without compromise! In fact, all Element products are supported with comprehensive warranties and an after sales support network that extends through the life of the product.



Link: www.elementelectronics.com

The brand ORION for consumer-electronics is known in Germany for more than 40 years. In the early days the brand started with transistor radios, radio cassette recorders and music centers. ORION became well-known in the years of Video players, Video recorders, TV-combo-sets with CRT and Video recorder. Nowadays the TV-combo-sets of ORION are FHD-LED-TVs combined DVD-players. ORION launched a new product-lineup at IFA 2013. With 4K2K Models ORION sets a new milestone in the history of television. With innovative technology and affordable prices ORION will also in future be one of the well-known brands in Germany and Europe.


Link: www.orion-europa.de


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